Pivot Table Guide – Value field settings

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Value field settings in pivotIts has been a quite long time since i have updated the links in the pivot table guide. I have been getting a lot of requests from users to get a complete guide to the pivot table. I am planning to complete the entire pivot table guide with in next couple of weeks . This week we will see the pivot table feature “value field settings”.


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Learn to use watch window in Excel 2007

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This tutorial explains how to use a watch window in excel 2007. Watch window is basically an auditing tool which will help you to see cells which are not visible on a work sheet. Watch window will allow you to see, inspect and audit the values as well as formulas in a cell which is not visible in the screen. It will help you from not wasting your time from scrolling down the window and check the values.



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Various ways of data consolidation in Excel

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Data consolidation in ExcelFor the last few posts, I have been writing about data consolidation – Various ways possible of consolidating in Excel. I was getting a lot of queries on the same so thought of putting all those in a single place. This is the consolidation of all the previous post on the topic. You will also find sample worksheets with illustrations under each posts.  Don’t forget to do your home works with those .


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Data Consolidation using 3-D referencing

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3D referencing in excelData consolidation can be very easily done using Excel 3-D referencing. 3-D referencing as the name suggests has 3 dimensions which are Rows, columns and worksheets. Not all Excel functions supports 3-D referencing. We will see in this post how to create 3-D referencing and which are the excel functions that support 3-D referencing



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Consolidate data in multiple worksheets in Excel

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Data Consolidation in ExcelTo summarize data from separate worksheets, you can use the data consolidation tool in Excel. The worksheets can be in different workbooks or in the same work book. There are two types on consolidation possible with this. One is consolidation by position and the other is consolidation by category. This is a very useful tool in Excel which will help in data consolidation. We will see detailed illustration on how to do this in Excel 2007.



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Adding a calculated field to Excel Pivot table

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Adding calculated field to Pivot tablePivot tables are designed to help users crunch and analyse large amounts of data. Today we will learn                       a very useful feature in Excel pivot tables, which is adding calculated fields. Calculated fields can be used when we need to create some custom fields which was not there in the base data. In this tutorial we will see how to insert a calculated field in Excel 2007, modifying or deleting it and what are the benefits and drawbacks in using the calculated fields.

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Excel Challenge – How to paste data to a filtered list in Excel

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ChallegeHow to copy paste data from a filtered list to another filtered list? This is a constant query in many of the Excel forums. I have tried my way of solution for this. Readers can also take this as a challenge and come with your solutions in the comments. No VBA please.





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Data consolidation in Excel made easy using Pivot tables

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Consolidating multiple ranges in PivotConsolidating multiple ranges using Pivot table is a very useful function in Excel which will help to consolidating values from different sheets. This is an alternative to consolidating data using Sum product explained in the previous posts. Data consolidation is possible in Excel using data Consolidation function, consolidating multiple ranges using Pivot tables and using 3D functions.





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Useful Tips in Excel – Deleting blank rows, Inserting blank rows, finding out difference in Time

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Helpful Tips in ExcelYou will find some easy and quick Excel tips which will help in your routine work.

Tips explained here will help you when

1. Working with dates and time

2. Inserting blank rows within data

3. Removing blank rows from data



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Data Validation – Creating Dependent drop down list in Excel

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Data validation in ExcelAfter reading the last post, explaining on how to create a linked list using Excel data Tables, I am getting a lot of mails asking about creating dependent list using Indirect function. We will see today how to create a dependent list in Excel data validation using Indirect function. This is a very short and quick tutorial when the list is very small and does not contains any duplicates. If the list contains duplicate and lot of items , its suggested to use the method explained for avoiding the duplicates in Excel data validation.



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