Learn to use watch window in Excel 2007

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This tutorial explains how to use a watch window in excel 2007. Watch window is basically an auditing tool which will help you to see cells which are not visible on a work sheet. Watch window will allow you to see, inspect and audit the values as well as formulas in a cell which is not visible in the screen. It will help you from not wasting your time from scrolling down the window and check the values.



Add watch window in Excel 2007

Go to formulas and you will find the watch window in the formula ribbon along with the formula auditing tools.

Watch window in Excel 2007

Selecting the watch window will pop up the watch window tool bar which can be moved or docked like any othr tool bar.

Watch window toolbar

Press the “Add Watch” button to add the required range to the watch window. You can select a single cell or a range in the watch box.

Add watch

Now you can see that the ranges have been added to the watch window.Watch window will show the Workbook name, Sheet name, Name of cells, Cell reference, Value of cells and Formula. Its recommended that you name the cells so that you can easily understand when you see in the watch window.

Watch window cells

Now you can see the changes you made to the cell in the watch window

In the attached file you can change the exchange rate to see the effect in the total sales in the watch window.

Watch window final animated

You can also add cells or ranges from another sheet or another work book and see the changes in the watch window.

Delete watch window in Excel 2007

To remove the watch,  use the ‘delete watch’ button in the watch window

Delete Watch

Download the Excel 2007 file

Watch Window in Excel

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